Wisconsin Tour #1


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BIG Stop Details

Unknown, I call one "BIG Bug" and the other "BIG Spidey" and Forevertron  

Location Details:
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Hwy 12, five miles S of Baraboo, behind Delaney's Surplus, across from the Badger Ammo Plant.

BIG Girls at this stop:

Additional Notes about this stop:

This place has to be seen to be believed. The 320-ton Forevertron is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture." I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Evermor on my visit and hear some of his stories. I purchased a small sculpture that fits on my balcony, although I really wanted the BIG Bug.  -- Kim

More Info on This BIG Stop:
The Forevertron



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