United Kingdom Tour #1


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BIG Stop Details

The London Eye
The World's Largest Ferris Wheel

Location Details:
London, England

If you're in London - You can pretty much just hop in a cab and ask to be taken there. Pretty easy stuff.

BIG Girls at this stop:
Heather Boyle

Additional Notes about this stop:

It's HUGE! Here are the stats on it:

Diameter 135 meters 
Weight 1,900 tonnes 
Weight of a single cable 1.5 tonnes 
Speed 0.26m/s 
Time to revolve 30 minutes 
Viewing Distance 25 miles/40 kilometers 

I didn't actually take a ride on the Ferris wheel. I figured standing in one spot for over 30 minutes to see the city might kill my feet, being I had a lot of tourist walking being it was the day I planned to see a bunch of tourist London stuff. BUT... when I actually got there to see it, I got to take a peek in. There is a big oval platform in the form of a bench on the inside of each little bubble. So, next time I will definitely check it out.  -- Heather

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