Minnesota Tour #5


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Sea Serpent

Location Details:
Serpent Lake, Crosby, Minnesota

Just south of the intersection of Highway 6 and 210.

BIG Girls at this stop:

Additional Notes about this stop:
We wanted to get silly with this but there were no climbing signs all over and tons of people so we settled for sitting. -- Kathy

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More info on the “Pork Butt and Big Ass Thing Tour” from Kathy:

It all started 2 years ago with a trip to eat at the Whistling Bird restaurant in Gilbert Minnesota.

Since we had never been to the Iron Range of Minnesota, I decided to do some research on the area to see what else we could do and make a weekend of it. I found an article on the web written by a Star Tribune food critic highlighting food of the iron range in what he called a “Pork Butt Tour”.

Since we wanted to check out some of the places listed in the article (nothing better than a road trip built around eating), we named our weekend the “Pork Butt Tour” and took off. As the Tour progressed and we kept seeing more and more big stuff and taking more and more silly pictures (a lot of the pictures are not included because they had my husband in them), the tour was renamed to the “Pork Butt and Big Ass Thing Tour”.

We had such a good time, we are now planning our third Big Ass Thing tour, and as usual, I was researching our chosen route when I came upon your website. I could not believe my eyes and immediately called my sister and had her log on as well. We were both thrilled to see you at some of the same places we have visited also and we loved the idea of the website. Everyone we know thought that we were kinda nuts taking the trips so it is nice to know that there are others out there that think like we do! Keep up the good work, ladies! -- Kathy


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