Minnesota Tour #5


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BIG Stop Details

Paul Bunyan (The talking one)

Location Details:
Brainerd, Minnesota

Formerly of "Paul Bunyan Center" in Brainerd.

BIG Girls at this stop:

Additional Notes about this stop:

This was a hot humid August day the final weekend before the famous Paul Bunyan Center closed for good. It seemed everyone who had *ever* visited Big Paul was there to say good-bye. I waited and waited for my turn to go up and sit on his big boot, but finally settled for this shot standing in front of him. One of the funniest things about Big Paul was that he would greet the children when they entered the park and announce that he was going to wave at them. By this last weekend, he had a lazy eye and and lazy waving hand that only lifted about halfway from his leg in a little salute. "Hey there, Emily and Brandon! It's good to see you. I'm gonna wave at you!" and "Hi Kayla. Hi Aaron. Get ready for a great big Bunyan wave!" All day we were announcing our intentions in big Paul Bunyan-esque voices--"Hey mom, I'm gonna take your picture now!" ...guess you had to be there. ;-p-- Kim

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