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What's New?

Several awesome submissions to the BIG Girls on Tour Exploring the World at Large section. Check the new ones out starting here.

Another wild and wooly submission from Texas! Thanks, Sandie!

A revisit to the Selkirk fish by Kathleen!

Margie and the Giant Spam Mascot

Claudia and the Snowman. Sounds like a book title.

Kim's big butt. heh.

Fairchild -- The Minnesota State Gopher and Kimmy!!

Keep the submissions coming in!


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It's BIG. It really is. 

Dedicated to BIG roadside attractions and the BIG girls who adore the offbeat, the emphasis of the site is photographs of fun and frolic with all things BIG. BIG Girls and BIG Stuff together!

Not all of the "tours" on this site are tours in the classic sense. A tour can be a single photo of a BIG girl with a BIG item that she found on vacation, or it can be, as is our first "tour", an actual planned tour where BIG stuff was sought in northern Minnesota. 

It's BIG. It really is.

We want to encourage other BIG girls to get out and see the BIG world...to encourage romping and revelry regardless of body size.  

It's funny, how perception of what is BIG can change. Even the biggest girl on a tour is small compared to the BIG stuff.  Personal size becomes irrelevant in this roadside realm. Maybe this can transcend to the rest of our world?

It's BIG. It really is.

Now, go out there and have some BIG adventures!  Oh, and don't forget to take some photos for this site along the way! 


Let's get on with the show. Start the Tours Here.


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